by Lamplighter

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jesse crew
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jesse crew worst band literally ever
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Mike this is fantastic! moving seamlessly between super speed grind and crushing heavy parts this album is relentless. love the noise track to close the album too! this is a band I'll be keeping an eye on from now on! I can't wait to see what they do next! Favorite track: Solstice.
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released April 29, 2014

Aric Hanley
Avery Irish
Daniel Kirwin
Edward Guzman

Recorded Mixed and Mastered on 3/29/14 by Kurt Reimann at Surreal Studios in Anchorage Alaska



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Lamplighter Anchorage, Alaska

Hardcore/Noise/Grind from Anchorage Alaska

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Track Name: Solstice
Withering words from tainted tongues, Deranged deceivers necks are hung, Blistered minds in time cant find themselves, Time cant find you now Mirror mirror mocking me.Tell me what it is you see. Fever fever burning me. Tell me when it ends God can't save my soul. Clear the cobwebs from the back your throat In time we all run to a place we call home.
Track Name: Hung From The Ash Tree
Broken beggars leading way
Watchers wait and pray decay
I can see it all through blinded eyes. Empty and Delicate are the porcelain idols plaguing the weak. Descend, Darkness, Breathing,
Break me im waiting, Break me
Fading, Take me away. Broken,
Seeding, Breathing
Breaking I'm breaking away.
Theyre calling for me
Track Name: Slivers
Blinding moon part the clouds
Let them feel, poison me
Fill my soul with a power thirst
Track Name: Of Silver
Self inflicted warzone
swimming in my veins, something cold and starved,
Fighting off the pain
Violence from the broken sons
Violence born from only one
Born from the ashes of a burning halo.
A strain of rage
Internal rage
Track Name: Arcadian Waters
Parasitic, hungering, plaguing me, forcing me to mold, Forced to grow, forced to live, forced to die, Fade into nothing
Pray for Something
the faces of empty lives led astray They say we are Below the rest, We are born to fail
the existing, by definition
We're born, we're scorned
we walk the path of the damned.
Track Name: Lycanthropy
Transparent time turns opaque
Rotting flesh fills foul senses
Broken fangs spit words that remain Shattering reality with their names
A Blessing for the wretched cry
the only will to survive
an eye for an eye
born under signs of curse
Ulcered and failing from birth
Ive laid to rest the earth
I am the nothing
I am the night calling for
I am not who i seem
Let me feed until nothing remains